Downspout Accessories

Protect Your Home From Rushing Downspout Water.

Downspout Splash Guards

Splash Guards prevent water that’s pouring down a downspout from causing soil erosion and keeps water away from your home’s foundation. If you got a late start on your landscaping, don’t let a surprise shower ruin your hard work. These plastic, lightweight splash guards allow the water to be laid gently upon the ground and directed away from your house foundation without taking soil, and new plantings along with the water. They can be easily removed when your landscaping or lawn becomes established.

Hinged Downspout Extensions

Need to move water away from the foundation but afraid that the gardener will destroy the extension? San Diego Rain Gutters has the solution! Our new Hinged Extension for downspouts. This device allows the extension to be closed and out of the way before or during a rain storm. You no longer have to worry about damaging or losing the downspout extension. Just fold up when not in use, fold down when the rainy season comes. It’s as simple as that. Available with our aluminum or steel systems only. (not available in copper or vinyl) Flexie Hose is an economical way to move rain water from the bottom of your downspout to another location. Flexie Hose can be pulled out to either 12 or 24 feet or extended further by coupling two together. Now you can save thousand of dollars by installing this portable drain line. Ask your Estimator for more details.

Flexie Drain

Now, a low cost alternative to expensive underground drain systems! If you have bad drainage and don’t have thousands of dollars to install a professional underground drain system, then Flexie Drain may be your perfect solution. This flexible, corrugated hose slips on the end of your downspout and can then be pulled out so water discharges at a more convenient place. Flexie Drain expands up to 24 feet per section and can be joined together for an even longer extension. After use it collapses for easy storage. Watch our video for a demonstration of this remarkable product.

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