Gutter Leaf Screens

We have 6 types of gutter guards:

Leaf Tite

Leaf Tite is our low cost leaf screen. This vinyl screen has 1/4″ mesh and is made to keep large leaves and debris out of your rain gutters. Made with a black rubberized vinyl, Leaf Tite is much better at blending into your roof line than the white vinyl leaf screens sold by large lumber yards.

EZ Lock Leaf Screen

Protect your new rain gutter system with the strongest, heaviest leaf screen we’ve ever seen.

EZ Lock Leaf Screen is made of black, powder coated steel mesh that locks into you rain gutter and prevents leaves from entering the gutter. Leaves cause clogs in downspouts which then result in the gutter filling up and overflowing. In some cases the weight of the water can cause the rain gutter to fall off you house. Adding our EZ Lock Leaf Screen means less maintenance for you. EZ Lock Leaf Screen lifts out easily when you need to remove it. Order EZ Lock with your new San Diego Rain Gutter installed system or for your existing rain gutters.

Guardian Leaf Screen

The Guardian Leaf Screen is a 5/32″ Tiny hole, honey combed powder coated steel product that keeps out large and small debris from the rain gutter. Guardian is strong and will not collapse under the weight of leaves or large objects.

Our Guardian Leaf Screen also meets the new California Building Code 704-A for Designated Fire Zones.

Micro-Mesh Gutter Screen

For the optimum screening of leaf and roof debris our Mikro-Mesh Leaf Screen is the best. Often used in Rain Harvesting to keep out small dirt particles.

Designed with three 90º “steps” at the front for greater strength, this guard snaps into gutter hem, helping to force water to track into the gutter, while reducing the effects of water-streaks and tiger-striping across the gutter. The newly designed center beads also add strength, while helping keep water from surface tensioning across the screen.

EZ-Flow® Leaf Filter

EZ-Flo is like no other leaf filter on the market. Made of a porous Polyether foam, EZ-Flo will keep out even the smallest debris. EZ-Flo is especially great for Pine Needles. If you’ve ever tried to block out pine needles, you know it’s an impossible situation. Pine Needles become entangled in standard mesh type leaf screens making removal time consuming. Not with EZ-Flo, the dense foam allows water to pass right through, but keeps even the small debris out. There is nothing like it!

  • Fits completely inside the gutter and is invisible from below and from the street.
  • Prevents mosquitoes from breeding in the gutter.
  • Seals out leaves and pine needles while allowing large amounts of water to flow through.
  • Excellent as a coarse re-filter for rainwater catchment and rainwater harvesting
  • Made of polyether foam designed for outdoor use.
  • Easily removed for cleaning when necessary, comes in 48″ lengths
  • Germicide and UV Protection for added durability
  • 5 year warranty.
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