Kusari Doi – Rain Chains

Rain chains provide a beautiful and functional watercourse for rain.

The Japanese have used Kusari Doi or rain chains for hundreds of years. In ancient times Kusari Doi were used to guide rainwater into large pots for household and garden purposes. Today, rain chains are still found on homes and temples throughout Japan. The cascading water provides an unforgettable experience and a soothing sound. Our rain chains are inspired by traditional Japanese architecture, but designed for American homes. They can be easily installed on any home in place of a downspout, or can be used in areas where a traditional downspout is undesirable.

  • Rain chains are a beautiful alternative to downspouts and sound great!
  • They break the fall of water, guiding it visibly downward to the ground.
  • Rain chains can remarkably change a dull downspout into an exciting focal point for your garden or landscape area.
  • Using our gutter attachment piece, rain chains (Kusari Doi) are easily installed.
  • Zen Links make a chain extraordinary.
  • Notice that the Kusari Doi empties into a river rock drain.
  • Add visual interest instead of an ugly downspout.
  • A wall mounted Kusari Doi makes an unusual fountain.
  • Use your imagination to create that perfect garden.
  • Plain areas become visually exciting.
  • A wall mounted Kusari Doi makes an unusual fountain.
  • Order Kusari Doi on your Storm Master, Black Thunder, TITAN, or Rain Star rain gutter systems.
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