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Rain Star Rain Gutter

Simply the very best.

Rain Star™ is a sleek, contemporary gutter for today’s modern style homes. Rain Star™ measures 5” x 4” and features crisp straight lines to give you home or office a custom look.

Rain gutters protect your most important asset, your home. When you install a Rain Star™ Seamless Rain Gutter system you are helping to keep your home clean, comfortable and safe. Rain gutters catch the rain water that falls from your roof. Roof water can cause stucco staining, landscape damage, cracked slabs, concrete deterioration, soil compaction, and bank erosion. Our Rain Star™ rain gutter system catches this potentially damaging water in an attractive, long lasting rain gutter. This water is then sent into downspouts that delivers it gently to the ground, or into an existing drain system. Roof water problems are therefore avoided, and your home stays clean, safe and new looking for many, many years. Rain Star™ rain gutters will add value and protection to any home.

Our Rain Star™ Rain Gutter will stand the test of time. Ask your representative for details. The Baked Enamel finish is so durable that San Diego Rain Gutters warranties this finish for a lifetime against chipping, peeling, or blistering.

They never need painting! This is because of a special paint process that bakes the enamel right on the metal. Imagine, never having to repaint or replace old rain gutters again! Rain or shine, year after year, your new rain gutter system will keep protecting your home. We guarantee it!

Consider San Diego Rain Gutters

  • We use quality material, we don’t cut corners.
  • Only American made components are used-not the cheap imported kind!
  • Extra strong fasteners make Rain Star™ the strongest system manufactured.
  • This rain gutter will never chip, peel, flake or blister. Ask your representative for details.
  • Made in Seamless lengths – right at your home.
  • Designed and installed to blend into your home, not standout!
  • Finished inside and out, to resist salt and pollution.
  • Built to last the life of your home.
  • Available with leaf screens installed.
  • Mates perfectly to underground drain systems.
  • Rain Star™ Seamless Aluminum Rain Gutter comes in over fifty popular colors.
  • Manufactured, installed, and warranted by one of the oldest rain gutter companies in California.
  • All of our rain gutters meet FHA, VA and SAGA requirements for strength and durability.
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